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Since 2006 we have been providing affordable software solution globally for everyone ranging from small organization to enterprise solution providers. We are continuously in contact with thousands of international business customer and listen to their requirements and started providing solutions to them on the basis of their business requirements. We provide tailor made solutions, custom solutions and enterprise solutions for all aspects of today's business necessities.


XMPP Solutions is the only company of its kind thoroughly focused on Openfire and its community, offering industry-leading research, development, and worldwide support. This helps our customers realize the potential of openfire based solutions, with all the inherent benefits of the speed to market, low lifetime cost, extreme reliability and scalability offered by XMPP solutions. XMPP solutions.

We are glad to communicate our high end solutions to the business and our reliability makes us the leading XMPP solution provider around the Globe. We offer comprehensive solutions over the XMPP technology for instant messaging with unbelievable features incorporated - designed and develop to enable the business to enhance business communications, drive productivity and maximize profitability.

The range of solutions available to build an application over XMPP, that is not only limited to Instant Messaging(IM) or Group Chat, it’s scope varies from plugin development using openfire, plugin-customization, sketch pad and collaborative screens to any real time communication at high end user.

XMPP Solution is a professional organization and a leading player in the global market. We are the innovators, technology masters blended with rich experience where we make real time collaborative software works seamlessly together. XMPP Solution application will provide a medium as a Unified tool with wonderful enterprise and end user experience.

We provide solution through XMPP on any platform with various applications, development of new extensions, and customization of extensions as per business requirement(s).

We specialize in developing instant messaging applications using XMPP that ensure consistent high performance, regardless of number of concurrent users and sessions. The scalability of XMPP solutions makes it ideal for enterprise business needs. This also is a wonderful delight to business owners and end users.

  • Who we are


    XMPP Solution is an esteemed organization catering our clients with highly efficient, scalable software solution for XMPP and Instant Messaging. Our organization has extensive experience into IT and business solution with the help of technology.

    We are not simply a software company; we are family of enthusiastic professionals. We are dedicated towards our Business solutions and various area of expertise like User Interface Design, Custom Solution, Business Process and many more.

  • Our Mission


    Our mission is to continually aim at the synchronization of latest technologies .We are incessantly driven towards efficient execution of our pivotal goals and objectives on the basis of honesty, integrity, perseverance and dedication.

    Our aim is to provide unique solutions, innovative technologies and best customized solution for all business users seeking business and IT Excellence.


    Why XMPP?

    We believe that XMPP is best known for its instant messaging capabilities, we can serve a solid foundation for the new social web.

    A tremendous advantage of XMPP is its nature to handle the security issues, which are not straight forward to solve in the web. Since all traffic is routed through the server and the identity of that server can be validated with signatures issued by Certified Authorities, end users do not need to worry about complex things like signatures to establish secure communication. Same as in the email technology the trust lies at the server level: the server is expected to behave according to several rules.

    Another advantage is that XMPP has been designed to send all messages in real-time using a very efficient push mechanism. Existing web, or polling based mechanisms are often making many unnecessary requests introducing network load and are not real-time.

    XMPP is already a distributed social web in its own right for the purpose of chatting. With several subtle modifications it could quickly become a full-fledged social web with substantial critical mass.

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