• What is XMPP?

    XMPP is an Open source technology for real time communication, which powers a wide range of applications including Instant Messaging Presence, Multi User Chat, Voice and Video calls. It is light weight middleware, content syndication, and generalised routing of XML data.

  • What is XMPP server?

    An XMPP Server provides basic messaging, presence and XML routing feature. XMPP Server software that you can use to run your own XMPP service is available on the CLOUD, or on a local area network.

    There are various servers available in market with different names on different platforms under license of Apache/GPL3/Commercial.

  • What is XMPP client?

    XMPP client is an application which is used to transfer the data in real-time using any XMPP server to provide real time collaboration facility over the XMPP protocol.

  • Which types of applications can be build using XMPP protocol?

    Any real time application can be built over XMPP protocol e.g. text chat, file transfer, audio/video chat/conferencing, VOIP, live support systems, live classrooms, whiteboard, online meeting etc.


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