Desktop Client

We have solutions for the desktop client in Java technology.


What XMPP can do for us in regards to reliable and secure communications, how to introduce it in friendly way to user and existing network infrastructure, deploy it smoothly and then look at potential and viable paths aiming to awful transition from legacy email systems we use today to a fully XMPP-powered communication backbone.

Supported platforms

  • Windows (all versions)
  • Linux (Redhat, CentOS, Fedora, Ubuntu and various other popular distros)
  • Mac OS (all versions)


  • One-to-One Text chat
  • Group chat
  • File sharing
  • Chat rooms
  • Smiley support
  • History support
  • User account management
  • Application setting customization
  • Various Look and Feel
  • One-to-one audio chat
  • Multi user audio chat
  • One-to-one video chat
  • Multi user video chat
  • Carbon message support
  • Contact searching
  • Contact add request
  • Block user
  • Presence & custom status message
  • Message encryption

We can also implement any standard feature of XMPP protocol as well as custom feature as per business requirement.


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