Web Client


Featuring and enabling your web application on single click solution to integrate chat feature whereby user is already authenticated on your website, will simultaneously also be logged on the chat server.

This high level integration takes your business to the new horizons, which will be a delight for both the business and end users.

We provide solutions to all business users to integrate and customized using various web applications on any platform.

Business users should not be bothered about the existing technology to run their application by enabling chat server. This integration is platform independent with high level of performance and robust security features enabled.

Chat client that runs on your browser can be integrated to any website or web application to enable the smooth, robust and secure chat with various functionality incorporated as per the business needs showcase your business one step ahead. It is very similar to Facebook chat; it also supports multi user chat room and carbon message. It can connect to any XMPP/Jabber server, either from public provider, or the one that has been originally setup.


Web based chat client using following technologies:

  • HTML/Javascript based
  • Flash based
  • Java Applets

Web Clients have following features

  • Single-user chat
  • Multi-user chat rooms (XEP 45)
  • vCard support (XEP 54)
  • Service discovery (XEP 30)
  • Carbon Message support
  • Contact rosters and groups
  • Contact subscriptions
  • Accept or decline contact requests
  • Roster item exchange (XEP 144)
  • Chat statuses (online, busy, away, offline)
  • Custom status messages
  • Typing notifications
  • Third person messages
  • Translated into 14 languages
  • Off-the-record encryption
  • Emoticons

Solutions & services:

We provide custom solutions as per the business requirements. A few of them are listed below.

  • Customization

    • Look and Feel customization.
      • User interface (UI)
      • User Experience (UX)
    • Functional customization.
      • Add/Delete
      • Change/Update
  • Integration

    • Wordpress
    • Magento
    • Zend
    • Laravel
    • PHP
    • Plane
    • Django
    • Roundcube
    • .Net
    • Android
    • Iphone
    • Other

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